CAPD Videos

Whether you’re looking into programs, looking for networking tips, or just exploring, our video resources are always available to you. For additional resources, be sure to check out our full video library on YouTube.

  • Look Before You Leap

    This one-hour presentation shares insights, tools, and strategies that can help students who are still looking for full-time and summer opportunities, or are stuck on where to begin.

  • Overcoming Uncertainty Web Series

    Overcoming Uncertainty is a web series designed and created by CAPD staff members Jake Livengood and Erik Pavesic. This series is meant to help students navigate different periods of uncertainty related to their careers.

    Episode One: Mindsets

    Jake and Erik tackle how your mindset can help you through this current period of uncertainty: a pandemic. Learn how a design mindset and a growth mindset can help you through this period of uncertainty.

    Episode Two: Shivangi Goel

    An interview with Shivangi Goel ’17 regarding her encounters with uncertainty leading the HMS COVID19 Student Response Team. Ms. Goel is currently a third-year medical student at Harvard Medical School and an MBA Candidate.

    Episode Three: Collaboration

    Jake and Erik talk about different ways to collaborate. Jake shares the mindset of radical collaboration from the Design Your Life curriculum, and Erik shares an internal way of collaboration through the Japanese Ikigai.

    Episode Four: Zan Barry

    An interview with Zan Barry regarding her encounters with uncertainty through her role as the Senior Program Manager, Community Wellness at MIT Medical. Zan shares her insight about how our sleep is disrupted during periods of uncertainty.