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Career Advising and Professional Development sit at the center of the MIT career advising universe, acting as a hub to help students navigate the many different career resources available across the Institute. Faculty and staff are important parts of the career advising universe, and we want to work with you to ensure MIT students and postdocs can accomplish their career goals.

CAPD works with all majors and all levels on their career and professional development goals. We partner with departments in many ways and appreciate feedback on how to best partner with you to serve your students and postdocs.

  • Access to our advisors
  • CAPD workshops and programs
  • Hybrid recruiting
  • Graduate and professional school
  • Career Fairs
  • Micro-internships
  • Students and postdocs can schedule 15 – 50 minute in-person, or virtual appointments between 7 am – 7 pm. CAPD operating hours will be 10 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday, but virtual and in-person meetings and advising appointments will happen before and after open hours. Information about alumni appointments is on the CAPD alumni webpage.  
  • Our workshops will be both in-person and virtual. MIT’s Handshake events page lists workshops and events. Event information will continue to be delivered to academic administrator inboxes weekly, and new staff members can sign up for event emails on our website. Also, the workshop request form is available for special requests.
  • Many employers are strategizing their college recruitment; therefore, recruiting and career fairs will be both in-person and virtual. MIT’s Handshake will host information sessions, coffee talks, presentations, internships and full-time opportunity listings, and interview schedules. Students and postdocs are encouraged to complete their Handshake profiles and set up their notifications to get alerts on the activities of most interest to them.
  • We expect another competitive season of mainly virtual interviewing for students applying to graduate and professional schools. Prehealth Advising, Distinguished Fellowship Advising, and graduate school advising are part of CAPD services and another way we support students as they explore various career paths.
  • In addition to the Fall Career Fair series, other career fairs will be offered by partners across campus and Harvard. View our Annual Career Fairs at MIT  page for a full list of planned and anticipated fairs.
  • Students looking for a short-term project or internship over IAP should consider a micro-internship to build their skills, connect with employers and explore a career path. Each day during the micro-internship opening cycle, new projects become available, and it’s really easy to search for them in Handshake by using “micro-intern” as a search term when looking through job listings.


How CAPD works with all students, postdocs, and recent alumni

This is a snapshot of our work! Learn more about CAPD’s programs and services.

As part of our resources for students in smaller departments, we offer a reciprocity program for School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and School of Science.

Students and postdocs can also take advantage of identity-based resources for affinity groups, as well as tailored resources for Master’s students, PhDs, postdocs, and alumni.

The career interests section of our site spotlights various career paths.

CAPD also collaborates…

  • With Harvard — Ivy + Career Fair, Engineering Collaborative connected to STEM+ and Ivy+ schools
  • And with Sloan CDO and work closely with all of the other career centers across campus, including the Handshake Advisory Council
Student working machinery with instructor observing

Help students explore careers & solidify their choices

Encourage students to consider the Career Exploration Series and ongoing activities for exploring careers, including career interests and the Infinite Careers series.

Share choosing a major resources that support students as they connect majors to career choices.

Students can also make the most of career fairs & networking to explore their options.

Sometimes, hands-on experience is helpful. Students can gain experience through career prototyping, micro-internships, and more.

Helpful resources for faculty and staff

Review the Career Exploration and Services Committee Report.

Share resources and how-to guides for PhDs’ and postdocs’ job application materials featuring the Faculty Job Search Guide, PhD Career Document Library, and PhD Resumes for Industry Jobs.

View recruiting guidelines for employers and students

CAPD collects data on summer and post-graduate outcomes of MIT students.  General data is on our site, but CAPD also sends department data to academic administrators in the fall and makes data available to department heads year-round via Tableau.  Recently, CAPD’s work leading the Equal Pay Working Group involved reviewing graduating student salaries by gender, and we now have information about who negotiates pay. If you are interested in hearing how your department is doing, please let us know. We can share results and discuss any needed strategies to improve outcomes.  

Stay connected with CAPD through our email list, Slack, and more.

The MIT Great Dome illuminated at night.

Partner with CAPD

Request a career or professional development workshop for students or postdocs.

Have a career resource that you use often, but it’s not on our website or in our career handbook? Send us the information and a brief note about how you use if with MIT students or postdocs.

Discuss how to diversify employment opportunities by connecting with CAPD Employer Relations team. 

Partner with us on career fairs and networking opportunities. Don’t see companies for your students represented? Recommend some companies of interest to students and postdocs in your department by emailing hiremit@mit.edu.

A view into a room from the outside hallway, featuring a table, chairs, and a whiteboard.

CAPD rooms available

CAPD has on-campus interview rooms in E17-294 available for MIT academic departments and programs to reserve to conduct employer engagement opportunities for students during non-peak recruiting season. Each room is equipped with a table, 2 chairs, a phone, a large dry-erase board, and storage for personal belongings.

MIT academic departments, programs, and student organizations can learn more and request space through the CAPD room reservation request form


Happy Pride

Wishing you the happiest Pride month! Save the date for JAKE Small coming to MIT on Tuesday, September 10, 2024.

By Alexis Boyer
Alexis Boyer Alexis Boyer Assistant Director, Graduate Student Career Services
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Unlocking Opportunities: A Recap of the 2024 Spring Career Night at MIT 

On February 28, the 2024 Spring Career Night (SCN) at MIT was not just an event; it was an experience that redefined how students and employers connect. Imagine a career fair, but smaller, more intimate, where you can network with …

By Mitchell Moise
Mitchell Moise Employer Relations Coordinator
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Eleven from MIT awarded 2024 Fulbright fellowships

Julia Mongo | Office of Distinguished Fellowships
Published by MIT News on May 20, 2024

Eleven MIT undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni have won Fulbright grants to embark on projects overseas in the 2024-25 grant cycle. Two other students were offered awards but …

By Julia Mongo
Julia Mongo Staff Writer and Advisor
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Four from MIT named 2024 Knight-Hennessy Scholars

Julia Mongo | Office of Distinguished Fellowships
Published by MIT News on May 13, 2024

MIT senior Owen Dugan, graduate student Vittorio Colicci ’22, predoctoral research fellow Carine You ’22, and recent alumna Carina Letong Hong ’22 are recipients of this year’s Knight-Hennessy …

By Julia Mongo
Julia Mongo Staff Writer and Advisor
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Two from MIT awarded 2024 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans

Julia Mongo | Office of Distinguished Fellowships | MIT Career Advising and Professional Development
Published by MIT News on April 25, 2024

MIT graduate student Riyam Al Msari and alumna Francisca Vasconcelos ’20 are among the 30 recipients of this year’s Paul and Daisy Soros …

By Julia Mongo
Julia Mongo Staff Writer and Advisor
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