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If you’re in a PhD program at MIT, you are an exceptional researcher and scholar. With your deep knowledge and skills set, there are no limits to what you can achieve. When you can do so much, narrowing your options and making decisions about what you want to do and where you want to go can be daunting. We’re here to help. Visit CAPD for a one-on-one conversation and address your questions with an advisor, use our resources to learn new skills like networking, and join our workshops to help you refine your job documents and search strategies. Whether you decide to pursue a career in academe, government, non-profit, or industry CAPD is ready to support you.

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Career Appointments

Schedule a one-on-one career advising appointment to discuss any career questions you might have. All of our advisors are trained and experienced in working with PhDs. We can help you with exploration and planning, job/internship searches, application materials, interviews, salary negotiations, and any other questions or concerns. Have questions about PhD career advising? Contact Alexis Boyer.

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Application materials for PhDs and Postdocs: Examples and how-to guides

These resources are designed for MIT PhDs and postdocs to serve as guides through the process of career document preparation. Whether you’re converting your CV into a resume for an industry role, refining your CV for an academic job search, or creating other documents, you’ll find examples, how-to guides, and strategies here.

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Graduate Professional Development

MIT’s comprehensive collection of professional development opportunities are designed to help graduate students develop skills and knowledge valuable for any career path you decide to follow, within and beyond academe.

Graduate student professional development is skills-based training complementary to your discipline-based coursework, focusing on seven competency areas: career advancement, communication, interpersonal development, leadership and mentoring, personal development, social responsibility, and teaching.

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Career Exploration for PhDs

Have you ever wondered what’s out there for someone with your advanced skills and training? How do you find out what all the options are for PhDs? How did your mentors and advisors start their careers? Apply your researcher’s mind to career exploration and find answers to your most pressing questions about PhD careers. CAPD has what you need to start exploring career possibilities and forge your own path.

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Workshops and Events

Take advantage of all MIT has to offer by participating in Institute career fairs and CAPD workshops and events tailored for PhDs. Refine your job documents, discover ways to develop your professional skills before you hit the job market, or learn how to leverage the power of your MIT network.

  • Hear about upcoming CAPD events through the Graduate Career Newsletter. Not getting the newsletter? Check your spam filters to make sure it gets through from Handshake!
  • Is your organization or academic department interested in specialized graduate career programming? Contact Alexis Boyer.

MIT Scholars Present at 2023 AHRC International Conference

Five MIT graduate students have just returned from The Eighth Annual AHRC International Conference, hosted in Oxford UK from September 18th-20th. This year’s conference theme was Entanglements, which explored, acknowledged, and reflected on the interconnected nature of the world around …

By Amanda Cornwall
Amanda Cornwall Graduate Student Professional Development
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Veteran jobs/internship search sites

In addition to Handshake, you can use the websites below to find jobs and internships to support the veteran community. CAPD has not vetted any opportunities listed on these sites, so use your best judgment and reach out to CAPD …

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Academic wellbeing practices (filterable list of ideas)

To explore methods that might work for your teaching style, use DoingWell’s filterable list of ideas that MIT instructors have used to promote wellbeing and engagement for students.

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IAP Micro-internships are in Handshake – Apply now!

Looking for a short-term project or internship over IAP? Consider a micro-internship! Build skills, connect with employers and explore a career path. Check out these micro-internships:   

There are more projects in Handshake and it’s really easy to search for them.  …

By Tavi Sookhoo
Tavi Sookhoo Assistant Director, Career Prototypes
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Graduate Certificate in Technical Leadership Workshop Series: Fall 2023

The Graduate Program in Engineering Leadership Program is pleased to announce the Graduate Certificate in Technical Leadership Workshop Series for Fall 2023.

We invite you to register and attend our series, which count toward satisfying requirements toward our certificate. The …

By Tara
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