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A professor speaks to her class.

Academia & Education

With a career in academia and education, you can inspire the next generation of students, create and deliver courses or educational materials, and generate new knowledge through research. Sample career paths include becoming a professor at a university or college; an investigator at a research institute; higher education staff; K-12 teacher; or creator of educational programs at museums.

A hand is drawing blueprints

Architecture, Planning, & Design

Are you creative and do you frequently consider how others experience their environment? Architecture, urban planning and design careers require these qualities. While each field needs different technical skills, all three of these career interests require innovation, communication, attention to detail, and deep consideration of how others experience the world.

Light Boxes from the Media Lab Lounge forming the letters M, I, T

Arts, Communications, & Media

Maybe you’re someone who loves to doodle in your calculus notebook—or write—or explore popular culture, literature, video games, languages, music, fine art, or design. No matter what facet of arts, communications, and media fascinates you, we hope this page guides you to discover a career that can nurture your creativity, find your voice, and help you share your message with the world!

A woman shakes hands with a man in business apparel. A man in a suit stands in the background

Business, Finance, & Fintech

Interested in management, behavioral science, finance, banking, analytics, and/or entrepreneurship? By infusing your technical and quantitative interests with a business perspective, you can shape the world through enterprise.

Computer screen with code.

Computing & Computer Technology

As technology continues to advance and become essential to nearly every facet of society there are many opportunities for you to apply your interest and skills in computer science.

Two colleagues sitting together reviewing materials.


Companies and organizations hire consultants to strategize solutions to business, organizational, or industry-specific problems by offering a fresh perspective, objectivity, and/or a specific knowledge base or expertise.

A colorful display of data on screens.

Data Science

Data science is one of the fastest growing and most exciting fields out there today. It combines statistics, scientific methods, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analysis to extract value from data. Data science encompasses preparing data for analysis, including cleansing, aggregating, and manipulating the data to perform advanced data analysis that can be used to uncover patterns and draw informed insights.

A picture of a wind turbine.

Energy, Environment, & Sustainability

Do you have a passion for the health and safety of our planet? Or maybe you’re looking to utilize your business savvy? No matter what your area of study, unique skill-sets, or preferred setting, there are a wealth of possibilities in this field. For example, you might consider a career in environmental management, renewable energy research, climate policy and advocacy, or consulting with a focus in energy, environment, or sustainability.

A group of smiling people in medical uniforms.

Health & Medical Professions

Pursuing a career in health means you’ll make a lifetime of difference, whether you’re drawn to medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinarian science, public health, or another field. In this career interest, we’ll help you explore possible fields, prepare for next steps, and apply to medical or health profession schools. CAPD’s Prehealth Advising team is here to support you as you explore your interest in health professions.

Students sit laughing in front of art made out of petri dishes.

Life Sciences, Biotech, & Pharma

Are you interested in biology, medicine, or agriculture and curious how you could use that passion in your future work? A career in life sciences, biotech, or pharma has the potential to make a huge impact on individuals and society as a whole in these rapidly-growing industries. These industries include epidemiology, zoology, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, and medical devices among others.

A birds-eye view of intersecting highways.

Manufacturing & Transportation

Are you interested in the way people and things move throughout the world? Are you a creative engineer with an eye for efficiency or design? Maybe you’re a little bit of both! Whether you want to build and program autonomous vehicles, sustainably fabricate the batteries for electronics, or manage the supply chains that make it all possible, there are opportunities for you here. This field is all about movement and change.

A copper figurine with balance scales.

Social Impact, Policy, & Law

Do you enjoy mission-driven work, combining your technical skills and knowledge with non-technical skills such as collaboration and communication, or solving problems that positively effect communities at the local and global scale? If so, a career in social impact, policy, or law might be a fit for you.