Welcome, womxn of MIT!

Welcome to the womxn career community! This channel hosts career resources, advice, opportunities and news for women and those identifying as women. CAPD understands your gender identity affects your career planning and job search experience, and we are here to help you at any stage in your career journey. Take a look at the resources below, and schedule individual appointments with CAPD advisors to discuss your specific questions.


Speakers and attendees laugh together at the 2019 Path of Professorship conference.

Connect with Women at MIT

Take the time to connect with other women at MIT. Find a supportive community, forge new friendships and increase your professional network.

Click on the tab to learn more about each organization.

  • Association of MIT Alumnae (AMITA)
  • Graduate Women at MIT (gwaMIT)
  • Postdoctoral Organization for Women Engaged in Research (POWER)
  • MIT Women’s League
  • MIT Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  • Sloan Women in Management
  • Attend AMITA events to connect with womxn alumnae.  AMITA promotes women’s advancement at MIT and beyond.
  • GwaMIT is an institute-wide, student-led group that promotes the personal and professional development of MIT’s graduate women. GwaMIT hosts annual conferences, a mentoring program and a series of smaller workshops and social events throughout the year.
  • POWER aims to support and advocate for women postdocs in all aspects of their professional training at MIT. POWER hosts social and professional events to foster connections and to enhance professional development.
  • The MIT Women’s League is a social and service organization founded in 1913 to foster connections among women at the Institute.  The group includes a broad range of ages, cultures, talents, and roles in the MIT community, and is open to staff, faculty, spouses, students, post-docs, and alumni.
  • MIT SWE is a chapter of the National SWE.  Its mission is to inspire younger generations about engineering, encourage the notion of diversity in engineering, and determine and advocate for the needs of women engineers at MIT and the broader community.
  • Sloan Women in Management works to increase opportunities for all women at MIT Sloan through networking events, speaker series, professional development workshops, and mentorship programs.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see additional women’s organizations at MIT and beyond. In addition, see the Office of Innovation list of MIT Resources for Women.

Women’s Career Resources

Learn about career issues specific to women:

Equal Pay

Assessing Employers

Legal Rights in the Workplace

Women’s Work-Life Balance

Women in STEM

For additional information, scroll down to the highlights section (for news and articles), and to the resources section below.

Meet with CAPD career advisors:

For individual advice and questions regarding career development and for job search support, students and postdocs can make an appointment to speak with a CAPD advisor.

Panelists smile at the 2019 Path of Professorship conference.

Flagship Events and Opportunities

Annual Events:

Path of Professorship (each Fall): This 2-day event gathers a wonderful group of womxn professors from MIT and a diverse range of colleges and universities to share their experiences and advice for academic careers.

gwaMIT Annual Conferences:

  • The Empowerment Conference (each Fall) seeks to provide resources for and promote discussion of issues relevant to the life choices of graduate womxn.
  • The Leadership Conference (each Spring) seeks to provide graduate womxn with the opportunity to gain communication and leadership skills.


  • WGS professional development funds for undergraduate students
  • MIT provides access to PIVOT, a comprehensive database of funding opportunities.  You can search and filter by various criteria, including finding grants and awards specific to women.
  • The Women in Innovation and STEM Database at MIT (WISDM) promotes the visibility of women in our academic community, increases gender diversity in innovation and entrepreneurship, and makes it easier to find talented and diverse speakers for various events.

For additional information on events and opportunities, scroll down to the highlights section (for news and announcements), and to the resources section below.

Mentorship program for Students interested in IP Law

Are you exploring career opportunities?
Have you considered combining your interest in technology with the law?
We would love to introduce you to the possibility of being an Intellectual Property professional!

IP law combines learning about cutting edge technology, building …

By Tianna Ransom
Tianna Ransom Assistant Director, Career Exploration
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National Association of College and Employers Women and Tech Careers Report Released

One of the study’s key findings is the impact college career services can have in leveling the playing field for women in general and in particular, for women pursuing tech careers. Specifically, Undergraduate men get more job offers than undergraduate …

By Deborah Liverman
Deborah Liverman Executive Director, Career Advising & Professional Development
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Economics Nobel Prize goes to Claudia Goldin, an expert on women at work

Scott Horsley | NPR

Harvard University’s Claudia Goldin has won the 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics for her research on women in the labor market. She studies the changing role of working women through the centuries, and the causes of the persistent pay …

By Simona Rosu
Simona Rosu Senior Assistant Director, Postdoctoral Career and Professional Development
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Can Letting Go Help You Get Ahead?

By Kara Baskin, Slice of MIT

Executive coach, strategy leader, and author Jessica (Begen) Galica MBA ’16 is redefining workplace success for women. Her new book, Leap: Why It’s Time to Let Go to Get Ahead in Your Career, reframes hard-charging …

By Ariel Ackermann
Ariel Ackermann Assistant Director, Early Career Engagement
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“Spilling the Tea” for MIT Graduate Women

The “Spilling the Tea” series is back! At these small-scale, limited-enrollment events, join in a conversation with an alumna leader over (iced) tea and cookies. Each of the “Spilling the Tea” parties takes an important topic as its theme, such …

By Amanda Cornwall
Amanda Cornwall Graduate Student Professional Development
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Career Resources

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