Finding Inclusive Employers on Handshake

Career Advising and Professional Development (CAPD) is dedicated to helping all MIT students and postdocs in the pursuit of their career goals. We understand that based on your identity and the intersection of your identity, your career path may involve different hurdles, pathways, and longer journeys. Some detours are caused by systematic barriers and CAPD will do our part to educate employers and other organizations about best practices for recruiting diverse candidates at MIT. Additionally, we will use our position as a top university to advocate for change to eliminate those differences that presently exist.

We hope you find a career that fulfills your passions and make you feel valued. In support of finding employers who truly value diversity, equity and inclusion, CAPD staff has made it easier to identify employers who have shown a commitment to DEI by tagging their Handshake accounts with labels. You can use labels to filter search results when researching companies and opportunities.

How to use these labels in Handshake:

  • Select Employers on the top menu of the page.Handshake employer search screen shot
  • On the employers page, you will see a section called Filters. Scroll down on the page to the last part of that section, called Labels.
  • Click the box that says Add labels and a dropdown menu will appear. You can either select labels from the menu or type them into the search field. The following labels are available:
    • Top Companies for Women
    • Disability Equality Index
    • HRC Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality
    • White House Equal Pay Pledge
  • Once you select the label(s), the employers with the list label will appear alphabetically. Please feel free to browse through the lists and click on employer profiles to learn more about the company, their opportunities, and upcoming events.


How did CAPD identify employers for these labels?

CAPD staff identified DEI-committed employers using the following resources indexes, and lists:

Please note –  There are many employers outside of these lists who are committed to providing an inclusive workplace and more labels will be added over time. Students should remain vigilant during their job and internship search to properly vet an employer’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. You are encouraged to ask specific questions about an organization’s commitment to DEI and the actions it has taken that support this commitment. For assistance in formulating questions to ask, please reference NACE’s article on Questions Students may Ask to Assess your Organization’s Commitment to DEI by Chelsea C. Williams, Founder and CEO of College Code.