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Welcome, Womxn of MIT!

CAPD is here to help womxn know all that they are worth as they pursue internships, graduate school, fulltime employment, fellowships, professional development and more.

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Rewriting The Code (RTC)

Every year, hundreds of RTC college students and alum seek out Mentors to help them with everything from resume writing, career exploration, guidance around career search and progression, interviewing, and much more! We are always looking for dedicated tech professionals …

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Code Jam to I/O for Women

At Google, we’re committed to building for everyone, and we know that a diversity of voices leads to better outcomes. We’re committed to increasing representation and building community in the online coding contest space and at Google I/O, our largest …

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Gender Decoder

Finding subtle bias in job ads

Without realising it, we all use language that is subtly ‘gender-coded’. Society has certain expectations of what men and women are like, and how they differ, and this seeps into the language we use. …

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Networking and job site

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Global Semiconductor Alliance – Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI)

GSA Women’s Leadership Initiative, or WLI, was created to significantly increase the number of women in leadership and board positions, the capital dedicated to women-led startups, and the number of STEM candidates joining the semiconductor industry. The Initiative, led by …

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