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Students of Color

Welcome to the Students of Color Affinity page! This page has resources curated specifically for you. In CAPD, we appreciate your unique intersections of identity. Your perspectives and contributions are valuable and we want to help you find the opportunities and career paths that celebrate all aspects of your identity. We look forward to getting to know you and our advisors can support you on your career journey from exploring your options, to finding an internship/job or preparing for graduate/professional school, to negotiating job offers and beyond.

We welcome your active participation in this community. Please contact us with requests, suggestions, and feedback.


Seeing the whole person

Alumna, Margaret ‘Mo’ Okobi ’16, prepares for a career combining medicine and public health research to improve mental health care services in vulnerable communities. Read the full story by Leah Campbell for the School of Science.

By External Source
External Source
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Voices of Lime: The intersecting identities of Black people who are disabled

In this recording, Lime Connect and Nancy Oduro, a Lime Connect board member who has lived experience with these intersectionalities, moderates a panel discussion with Lime Connect’s Black Network members who live with disabilities.  During this recent discussion, Lime Connect …
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Negotiating as a Woman of Color

by  Deepa Purushothaman, Deborah M. Kolb, Hannah Riley Bowles, and  Valerie Purdie-Greenaway

Negotiating on your own behalf is hard, and opportunities to do so aren’t always obvious, especially if you’re not accustomed to feeling empowered. It can also be highly …

By Deborah Liverman
Deborah Liverman Executive Director, Career Advising & Professional Development
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Is the Company You’re Interviewing with Actually Inclusive?

KeyAnna Schmiedl | December 15, 2021 | Harvard Business Review


Although it can be challenging to get a full picture of a company before you actually land the job, here are some questions you can ask to understand if the organization …

By Alexis Boyer
Alexis Boyer Assistant Director of Graduate Student Career Services
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Expanding the conversation about sustainability

Senior Stacy Godfreey-Igwe seeks to make marginalized communities more visible in the fight against climate change.

Read the full article on MIT News.

By MIT News
MIT News
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