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With a career in academia and education, you can inspire the next generation of students, create and deliver courses or educational materials, and generate new knowledge through research. Sample career paths include becoming a professor at a university or college; an investigator at a research institute; higher education staff; K-12 teacher; or creator of educational programs at museums. Click on the menu items below to explore additional resources.

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Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty, Second Edition

Based on workshops co-sponsored by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and HHMI, this book is a collection of practical advice and experiences from seasoned biomedical investigators and includes chapters on laboratory leadership, getting funded, project management, and teaching and course design.

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A day in the life of a scientific journal editor


Katrien Janin always enjoyed doing hands-on research. “Put me in a basement of the museum and with loads and loads of boxes of remains or fossils and I am extremely happy,” says Janin, who completed her …

By Simona Rosu
Simona Rosu Senior Assistant Director, Postdoctoral Career and Professional Development
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Luck helped me pursue an academic career. I worry about others who aren’t as fortunate


I never would have gotten here without luck. I worry about all the bright, passionate, capable students from underresourced countries and less privileged backgrounds who don’t have the same family support and encouraging, open-minded mentors. I …

By Simona Rosu
Simona Rosu Senior Assistant Director, Postdoctoral Career and Professional Development
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Postdoc Story: Jonathan Cannon

Name: Jonathan Cannon

Course: 9

Life before MIT

Before starting his postdoc in neuroscience at MIT, Jon performed postdoctoral research on homeostatic feedback mechanisms at Brandeis. He then moved on to teach math and science classes at Jamaica Plain. Although …

By Ashley Ann Thomas
Ashley Ann Thomas
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PhD applicants: Everything you need to know about letters of recommendation

In this blog post, Chris Blattman gives advice on what the purpose of recommendation letters is, who you should ask, and how to manage the process.

Will a professor write you a letter of recommendation? My answer: Writing student …

By Simona Rosu
Simona Rosu Senior Assistant Director, Postdoctoral Career and Professional Development
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The following materials are commonly requested.  We encourage you to schedule an appointment with a career advisor to review your …

Interviews for faculty positions often include two rounds:

First round – Phone or Video  (20-40 minutes)

This is an initial …

If you receive an academic job offer, express interest, and then take the time to carefully assess whether the offer …

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