Build Your Research Community – Free Course

Build Your Research Community is a FREE, 5-module course (with a bonus 6th module!) that will guide you through the steps of identifying mentors and building and maintaining mentoring relationships. Scientists from a variety of backgrounds give concrete steps and strategies to help you build a mentoring network to be successful.

At the end of this course you will be able to…

  • Use your understanding of the academic research environment to develop your individual pathway to success in graduate school.
  • Find a research advisor & research group that matches your mentorship needs.
  • Build a healthy relationship with your research advisor based upon communication and aligning expectations.
  • Develop a community of mentorship from your thesis committee, peers, research colleagues, academic staff, and supporters outside of academe.

A course for anyone starting or already in graduate school

This course is designed for anyone who is thinking about, planning to go to, or already in graduate school in biological research. This list also includes (but is not limited) to advanced undergraduate and early graduate students in the life sciences. While most of the instructors have a background in the life sciences, the lessons are broadly applicable to other disciplines.

Visit the course website to see more details and register.

By Simona Rosu
Simona Rosu Senior Assistant Director, Postdoctoral Career and Professional Development