Student Staff

An An Chiang

CAPD Program Assistant

An An is a junior pursuing majors in 15-3 (Finance) and 6-14 (Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science). Her previous experience focused on social impact, marketing, and qualitative research jobs. During the 2023-2024 academic year, An An served as a CAPD Career Exploration Leader (Early Career Focus). This role inspired her to continue organizing events and facilitating connections between students and professionals from various industries. As the CAPD Program Assistant, she is excited to support her peers in exploring their career interests through events with alumni speakers. Outside of academics, An An is a big fan of Tetris and Ferris wheels. For those on campus, a must-visit location is E-40, which happens to be one of her favorite spots for overnight studying. IHQ and study rooms there are great for collaborative or independent work.