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Explore a career path in Architecture, Planning, & Design

Are you creative and do you frequently consider how others experience their environment? Architecture, urban planning and design careers require these qualities. While each field needs different technical skills, all three of these career interests require innovation, communication, attention to detail, and deep consideration of how others experience the world.

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Architects work on the design and construction of buildings and other structures and elements. Their work incorporates design principles, computational tools, urbanism approaches, and sustainability goals. Depending on the focus of your studies, an architecture degree can prepare you to work as a designer, engineer, artist, historian, or curator in addition to a traditional architect.


Designers plan products and services to meet the end-users needs. Your love of design can be applied to careers such as product design, UX/UI design, or game design.

Urban Planners

Urban Planners create plans and programs for land use. Those pursuing careers in urban planning might choose to specialize in historic preservation, transportation, housing and community development, economic development, sustainability, urban design, or international development.  


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