Build your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the leading professional networking website, which makes it the ideal foundation for your professional presence online. It’s a good idea to keep your LinkedIn page continuously updated, but especially important when you are in a career transition.

Create a profile heading

Your headline is one of the most highly weighted elements in the LinkedIn search. It is your first opportunity to make an impression, so make it count!

Get a professional-looking photo

Use a headshot from the shoulders up, and avoid distracting backgrounds.

Highlight your education

Make your education stand out by having the education section towards the top of your profile. Include you major(s), minor(s), study abroad if applicable, and GPA if you’d like.

Create a professional summary

Most users will see only the first 220 characters in the new LinkedIn version, so choose wisely. You may talk about your qualifications, experience, and goals. Using first person is ok.

Describing your skills and endorsments

Your top 3 skills will be highlighted, so put them in order of importance.

Join groups and build your network

Join groups of professional interest as well as discussion groups. Build your network by connecting with contacts.

Optimize your profile for search engines

Be mindful of the language you use, as recruiters may find you through keywords.

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