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Career development and decision-making is a multi-step and dynamic process. No matter where you are in your life-long career journey, you can find career satisfaction by taking the time to build self-awareness. Start reflecting on who you are by conducting self-assessments, exploring major & career options, and mapping out a career plan.

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How to prepare a scientific poster

By ELISABETH PAIN, Science Careers

Poster presentations at scientific conferences can provide early-career researchers with valuable opportunities to practice their communication skills, receive feedback on their research, and expand their network.

Science Careers asked researchers in a range of disciplines and career …

By Simona Rosu
Simona Rosu Senior Assistant Director, Postdoctoral Career and Professional Development
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Medical Ethics and your Med/Health Professions School Application

When applying to health professions school, your ability to wrestle with complex ethical situations is an important predictor of how well you’ll be able to handle such situations as a practitioner.

Medical schools and other health professions schools assess this …

By Ariel Ackermann
Ariel Ackermann Prehealth & Career Advisor
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Credit Cards 101

April 21, 11:30-12:30 PM

Join Alex Kossak, Graduate Community Fellow with the Office of Graduate Education, for a virtual workshop as he goes over the basics of getting a credit card. Learn what credit cards can do for you and …

By Amanda Cornwall
Amanda Cornwall Associate Director, Graduate Student Professional Development
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Seeing the whole person

Alumna, Margaret ‘Mo’ Okobi ’16, prepares for a career combining medicine and public health research to improve mental health care services in vulnerable communities. Read the full story by Leah Campbell for the School of Science.

By External Source
External Source
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How to answer ‘What are your salary expectations?’ and other tips for talking pay in interviews

This article written by Jennifer Liu provides tips on how to answer questions around salary expectations during the interview. Learn more by reviewing the full article featured within the Land the Job section of CNBC’s website.

By Tavi Sookhoo
Tavi Sookhoo Assistant Director, Career Prototypes
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