Application Materials for a Faculty Job Search

The following materials are commonly requested.  We encourage you to schedule an appointment with a career advisor to review your documents and discuss your plan. Get additional feedback on your materials from your faculty advisor and other mentors.

1) CV (curriculum vitae) :  comprehensive scholarly record, including your research experience, teaching and mentoring experience, publication record, and more.  See more details on preparing a CV.

2) Cover letter:  1-2 page letter, addressed to search committee.  Include a brief summary of your academic background, highlights of past and future research, summary of teaching experiences and interests, and your fit with the department and school (why are you interested in that position?  How does your experience match the position ad?)

3) Research Statement:  A summary of your past research accomplishments, and a proposal for your future research plan as a faculty member. Include both your long-term vision, as well as concrete projects for your research group for the first 3-5 years. Length varies, but typically 3-6 pages.  See more advice on writing research statements.

4) Teaching Statement: A statement of your approaches and philosophy regarding teaching and learning. Include specific examples to illustrate your approaches from your past teaching experience, or propose specific ideas for how you would teach future courses. Include a statement of the broad courses you are qualified to teach, as well as any courses you would like to develop. Usually 1-2 pages.  See more advice on writing teaching statements.

5) Diversity Statement: A discussion of your past, present and future contributions to promoting equity, inclusion and diversity in your professional career. Typically 1-2 pages. See sample guidelines for writing a diversity statement.