Congratulations, you earned yourself an interview! At CAPD, we recommend you start your interview preparation journey by researching the target company or organization, practicing and refining your interview skills, and planning ahead to ensure the big day goes smoothly. Read more about how to prepare for a successful interview, and review our additional resources below to get started.

Looking to practice your interviewing skills? Current MIT students, post-docs, and alumni within 2 years of graduating can book a behavioral mock interview on Handshake to practice your responses with a CAPD advisor and receive constructive feedback.


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Interviews for faculty positions often include two rounds:

First round – Phone or Video  (20-40 minutes)

This is an initial …

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What is a smart casual dress code?

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Prepare your space, prepare your technology, and prepare to do well!
Before any interview, review our general advice on interviewing:

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