Preparing for Your Next Interview – 3 Tips for Success

Congratulations, you earned yourself an interview! Review these tips to help yourself prepare, gain confidence in your interviewing skills, and be seen as a professional with a strong work ethic who takes these opportunities seriously.

1) Do your research.

Learning about the company you are interviewing will allow you to speak more confidently about the company, frame your experience through its lens, and determine your fit for the role based off of your values, skills, strengths. Here are some ways that you can get started with researching prospective employers:

2) Practice, practice, practice.

There are many ways to gain confidence in your interviewing skills. Start by reviewing and answering sample interview questions out loud, on your own or with a trusted peer. At CAPD, we offer behavioral mock interview appointments with an advisor who will provide constructive feedback and strategies for approaching tough questions. You can also…

3) Plan ahead.

Make sure your interview day is as stress-free as possible. Start by reviewing the logistics for your interview (location, day and time, parking, commuting time), and give yourself plenty of extra time, just in case! Do you have a virtual interview? Find a quiet space on campus or reserve a CAPD interview room. You will also want to be mindful of who is interviewing you. Depending on your audience (hiring manager, HR specialist, prospective colleagues) you will want to gear your responses and questions you ask to their lens of understanding. Lastly, select appropriate clothing for your interview. Professional attire is generally recommended, but learn as much as you can about your prospective organization, institution, or industry to help you select appropriate clothing.

Any questions? Book an appointment with someone on our Career Advising team to get started!