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Are you interested in the way people and things move throughout the world? Are you a creative engineer with an eye for efficiency or design? Maybe you’re a little bit of both! Whether you want to build and program autonomous vehicles, sustainably fabricate the batteries for electronics, or manage the supply chains that make it all possible, there are opportunities for you in the field of manufacturing and transportation. This field is all about movement and change. Put your innovative perspective and unique skills to work testing and sampling construction materials as transportation engineer, searching for ways to sustainably improve production rates as a manufacturing engineer, envisioning new traffic patterns as an engineering consultant, or disrupting the industry with an unprecedented new idea. Visit Handshake to see all the jobs available in this exciting field.


The field of manufacturing combines the best of engineering, technical expertise, design, and business offering endless opportunities for those with a strong background in STEM fields. Those who work in the field of manufacturing are in the business of making things, and there are many ways you can engage with that process as a professional.

Aeronautics & Astronautics

We’ve been flying at MIT for more than a century. Aeronautical and Astronautical engineers keep pushing forward designing aircraft, satellites, new propulsion systems, and studying the systems and materials required to keep it all in the air. Work in this field offers the opportunity to live MIT’s “mens et manus” motto and take to the sky.      


Transportation is growing and changing quickly with advances in new technology like AI and computer vision as society faces new challenges like climate change and public health. Work in this industry promises to be exciting as it engages the interdisciplinary space between technology, research, government, and engineering.  

Supply Chain

Supply Chain is a field for problem solvers and leaders who like a fast pace. There are opportunities in almost every sector, and there are many ways to be involved from product design and life-cycle to maintaining business relationships. Engineers in this field are concerned with all the processes through which raw materials become products we use everyday.

Mental Health Awareness Month Webinars

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! In recognition, the MIT HR WorkLife and Wellbeing Center is hosting a series of live webinars throughout the month that will focus on personal wellbeing and mental health.

Experts in their fields, will share …

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Manufacturing & Transportation Job/Internship Search Sites

In addition to Handshake, you can use the websites below to find jobs and internships related to computing and computer technology. CAPD has not vetted opportunities listed here, so use your best judgement and reach out to CAPD if you …

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A glimpse inside Intel

In MIT visit, CEO Pat Gelsinger sounds a bullish note on the future of U.S. semiconductor manufacturing. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger gave an optimistic account of U.S. semiconductor manufacturing on Friday, telling an MIT audience that the ongoing expansion of his firm’s production capacity would bolster the company over the long term while giving the U.S. more economic and industrial security.

By MIT News
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Pilot, engineer, neuroscientist, bridge-builder

How Elissa Gibson ’22 connected the dots to form her own unique constellation of MIT experiences.

At first glance, aerospace engineering and brain and cognitive sciences may seem like an unlikely match for a double-major. But for Elissa Gibson ’22, the common thread connecting the two inherently different disciplines is clear: the human factor, by way of aviation.

By MIT News
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Exploring careers? Start with the Career Exploration Series!

CAPD is coordinating the second annual, institute-wide Career Exploration Series that begins on September 12th and runs through IAP! This series is a collaboration between MIT departments, programs, employers, and alumni to help all students learn about the different career and graduate/professional school options available to you.   

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Tianna Ransom Assistant Director, Career Exploration
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In addition to Handshake, you can use the websites below to find jobs and internships related to computing and computer …

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