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Are you interested in the way people and things move throughout the world? Are you a creative engineer with an eye for efficiency or design? Maybe you’re a little bit of both! Whether you want to build and program autonomous vehicles, sustainably fabricate the batteries for electronics, or manage the supply chains that make it all possible, there are opportunities for you in the field of manufacturing and transportation. This field is all about movement and change. Put your innovative perspective and unique skills to work testing and sampling construction materials as transportation engineer, searching for ways to sustainably improve production rates as a manufacturing engineer, envisioning new traffic patterns as an engineering consultant, or disrupting the industry with an unprecedented new idea. Visit Handshake to see all the jobs available in this exciting field.


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CAPD is coordinating the second annual, institute-wide Career Exploration Series that begins on September 12th and runs through IAP! This series is a collaboration between MIT departments, programs, employers, and alumni to help all students learn about the different career and graduate/professional school options available to you.   

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By Tianna Ransom
Tianna Ransom Assistant Director, Career Exploration
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On the road to cleaner, greener, and faster driving

By Adam Zewe | MIT News Office | May 17, 2022

Researchers use artificial intelligence to help autonomous vehicles avoid idling at red lights.

No one likes sitting at a red light. But signalized intersections aren’t just a minor nuisance for drivers; …

By MIT News
MIT News
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Anticipating others’ behavior on the road

Adam Zewe | MIT News Office Publication Date: April 21, 2022

A new machine-learning system may someday help driverless cars predict the next moves of nearby drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians in real-time.

Humans may be one of the biggest roadblocks keeping fully …

By MIT News
MIT News
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One autonomous taxi, please

Rachel Gordon | MIT CSAIL | October 27, 2021

Self-driving Roboats, developed at MIT, set sea in Amsterdam canals.

If you don’t get seasick, an autonomous boat might be the right mode of transportation for you. 

Scientists from MIT’s Computer Science and …

By MIT News
MIT News
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From triathlons to aerospace, Caitlin Braun MBA ’21, SM ’21 pursues passions for leadership and manufacturing

By Kara Baskin | Leaders for Global Operations

The LGO alumna is working toward transforming American manufacturing and elevating her company’s people and processes. Caitlin Braun MBA ’21, SM ’21 covers ground as an Ironman triathlete — and scales new heights at …

By MIT News
MIT News
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