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Interested in pursuing a future in Consulting? Find resources, events, opportunities, and advice to confirm your interest and kickstart your career.


Companies and organizations hire consultants to strategize solutions to business, organizational, or industry-specific problems by offering a fresh perspective, objectivity, and/or a specific knowledge base or expertise. While the industry offers the opportunity for travel, work variety, high salaries, and bonuses, it can be greatly affected by the economy and consultants may experience highs and lows in their workload. You might be interested in one of two types of consulting, management consulting, which is focused on helping organizations improve and achieve their goals, and strategy consulting, which happens at higher levels of management and is often focused on helping organizations expand or identify new goals.

Generally, the consulting industry looks for applicants with strong academic credentials, quantitative ability, problem-solving ability, an understanding of business, and leadership/teamwork experience. Interpersonal and communication skills are also important. The interview process often includes a case interview that is used to assess a candidate’s thought process and analytical skills. Recruiting for entry-level consultant positions typically begins in the fall.

Handshake 101: What it is & how to use it

What is Handshake?

Handshake is an online career management system — in other words, it’s a website where you can find job and internship listings, upcoming events to build your career, and helpful resources from around MIT. The platform was built …

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Native American Capital

Native American Capital (NAC) is a Native American-owned consultancy located in the Washington DC Metro Area. NAC serves a wide range of Indian Country clients — tribes, Indian-owned businesses, businesses seeking partnerships with tribes, and investors seeking to capitalize Native American-owned …

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Researching Careers

Learning more about industries and careers options can help you narrow your focus on those that might be a good fit. Below are some tools and techniques to help you begin researching potential career paths. Don’t forget: if you need …

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Five Steps to Writing a Great Resume

Your resume provides an overview of your experience and is often an employer’s first impression of you. Recruiters spend just a few seconds on average looking at a resume so it is crucial …

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Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.

You can set up search alerts with the LinkedIn jobs function.  You can also view the LinkedIn MIT Alumni page to see which MIT …

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Featured Resources


Learning more about industries and careers options can help you narrow your focus on those that might be a good …

1. Know MIT’s Recruiting Policies and Expectations. 

Whether you are interviewing through On-Campus Recruiting or not, be sure to know …