Academic Job Offers

If you receive an academic job offer, express interest, and then take the time to carefully assess whether the offer is a good fit.  Make a plan to negotiate items of interest.  Consider the following:

Balance of research, teaching and service expectations

  • Often can negotiate lighter teaching and service load in first year

Office and research space

  • Make sure it meets your research needs

Startup funds

  • Should cover equipment, supplies, staff, personnel (students, techs, etc.), travel, computer support
  • Lump sum or restrictions? Timeframe? (typically the startup covers 2-3 years)
  • Expensive equipment can be negotiated separately; can make the case for shared equipment
  • You will be asked to prepare a list of needed equipment and resources



  • health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement (mechanism, employer contribution or match), vacation and sick leave – listed on HR website (and standard for all faculty at institution)


  • relocation assistance, paid sabbatical, money for travel/professional development, tuition benefits, assistance with job search for partner

We encourage you to discuss your offer and questions about negotiating with a career advisor and other mentors.