How MIT departments can gain access to Handshake

Career Advising and Professional Development uses Handshake (learn more in our Handshake 101 guide) as our career management system, a tool for scheduling appointments with us and managing campus interviews, off-campus recruiting, job-search information, and event registration. 

CAPD offers three options for academic and administrative departments to have access to MIT’s instance of Handshake: 

Option 1.  Access Handshake as a student or postdoc

Having a student account allows you to see current internship and full-time job opportunities available to students in your department. If you or a colleague in your department or office would like to access Handshake as a student, please let us know by completing the Handshake access form. Once an account is created for you, you will receive an email with additional details to help you use Handshake.

Option 2: Create your department/program career center

With a Handshake administrative account, you can post career exploration events or organize department-specific career development opportunities and resources for your students. This option is more in-depth for departments looking to post career exploration-related events in Handshake or organize department-specific career development opportunities or resources for their students.

If your department or program would like to explore having its own Career Center in Handshake, please complete the Handshake Career Center Interest Form. A CAPD team member will reach out to discuss this option and create your Career Center.

Option 3: Create an employer account for your department/program

An Employer Account in Handshake allows you to post job and internship opportunities not only for MIT students but also for students from other institutions. MIT faculty and staff seeking to post opportunities for MIT students and the broader academic community can request an Employer Account through the Handshake Employer Sign-up page. This platform enables you to share opportunities not only with MIT students but also with students from other institutions.

Please ensure you are requesting an Employer Account and not a student or administrative account.

For detailed instructions on gaining approval, please email our employer relations team at