Protect yourself from job scams and phishing attempts

In addition to job boards, you may also on occasion receive unsolicited emails offering a job or encouraging you to apply. Beware–job opportunities sent via email may mask potential phishing attempts. Phishing may attempt to get you to trust the sender and carry out an action. Please remain vigilant to protect yourself and your personal information.

Keep the following in mind when receiving emails regarding job opportunities and offers:

  1. Review the “from” address carefully. Is it really from the person who it says it is? Is this a person you know? Does the type of message align with who is sending it?
  2. Use your best judgment before clicking on links, opening attachments, or responding.
  3. Never provide upfront any personal identification information (such as your social security number).
  4. Many scams involve cash advancements requesting that you deposit a check or provide bank account information. With these requests, scammers are trying to gain access to your bank account so that they can siphon off funds from your account.
  5. If an email sounds “to good to be true,” chances are it is.

The Better Business Bureau and FlexJobs have additional tips for recognizing and avoiding job scams. Some of which might try to reach you via platforms like LinkedIn. Jobs and internships posted within Handshake are monitored by both Handshake and CAPD to verify legitimate employers and opportunities. Employers can communicate and share opportunities directly with students through Handshake as well. However, stay vigilant at all times and safeguard your personal information.

If you have questions or concerns about phishing or about the legitimacy of an email message, you can also review IS&T recommendations.