Four factors to consider when evaluating a job offer

Whether you have several job offers from which to choose or just one, there are certain aspects to take into consideration.  There are four major areas to keep in mind when evaluating a job offer. 

1. Does this job fit with my career goals? 

  • Is this the kind of job I want? 
  • Do my technical skills and areas of emphasis match the demands of the position? 
  • How much will I have to learn, and is the company willing to train me? 
  • Are my expectations about the position and the company appropriate? 
  • Do salary and benefits meet my standards?  Is money the most important factor given my career goals? 
  • Does the position offer my security? 
  • How am I motivated to do the job? 
  • Are there opportunities for advancement and promotions? 
  • Can I find the personal satisfaction and balance with other aspects of my life? 

2. Is the Company culture in line with my work and life styles?  The issue here is not culture in itself, but how the broader view of the world and values the company promotes will impact your work performance and satisfaction.  Different points of view, values, and goals that are more subjective are inevitable in this increasingly diverse world of work, so how do I fit in it? 

  • Is the company’s structure one that I would feel comfortable in? 
  • Is the atmosphere one in which I feel I can work and be productive? 
  • Do I think I will be compatible with the work environment? 
  • Does my philosophy and life values work with that of the company’s? 

3. What is the business strategy of the Company?  The company is also goal oriented.  Most of them are supported by its vision, purpose, mission statement, and business strategies, all designed to reflect the company’s core values.  Your knowledge of what those would be might support you in your decision to work for that company or not. 

  • What are the values that this company promotes to its employees and the community? 
  • What is its reputation in the industry?  How will the reputation of the organization impact the work I do? 
  • Is the company financially sound?  If not, what are other considerations I should be thinking of? 
  • Does it have a profitable future? 

4. Will my future boss (and staff) support my professional growth?  Even though the company’s culture is a factor in your decision to work in a specific position, it is very important to consider if your personality is somewhat compatible with that of your boss (and the staff in general).  Work styles and personalities, as related to the job, should be openly discussed so that mutual understanding is achieved and best results are obtained.  You should consider: 

  • Is there a structure within the company (i.e. training) that supports my professional growth? 
  • What is my boss’ work style (and staff)?  What is my work style?  How do they fit together? 
  • How issues are communicated with my boss/supervisor/co-workers? 
  • What methods are used and how is the evaluation process conducted in this company? 
  • Can my opinions be heard and considered?