Choosing a major

When you’re truly interested in a subject, you do better work.


The truth about majors and careers…

We have lots of resources to help you, and we’re always happy to talk through your options together. No matter what you decide, it’s important to know that…

  • Choosing a major does not limit you to only one career choice.
  • Choosing a career does not limit you to only one major.
  • Graduate work does not have to be in the same area as your undergraduate degree.
  • It’s okay to change your mind!


Wondering how to choose your major?

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Take a self-assessment

Guided self-assessments help you learn more about your values, skills and interests!

What you learn may help you evaluate options and make decisions about possible majors.

Complete a helpful worksheet

CAPD’s advisors recommend a few exercises that are specifically designed to help you in your major exploration process, from collecting helpful information to comparing your options and making a decision.

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Chat with a CAPD career advisor

Wherever you are in the exploration process, we’re here to help! CAPD’s career advisors create a helpful, nonjudgmental space to consider majors and talk through ideas for your career interests.

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Meet with your first-year advisor

It can be helpful to talk through your options with someone who understands your academic goals! Meet with your First Year Advisor and Associate Advisor (if applicable) assigned through the Office of the First Year (OFY) to discuss your options and gain advice and guidance.

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Read up on different majors

The Registrar’s Office provides info on undergraduate majors and minors that can help you know where to begin.

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Attend an open house (or several)

Academic departments often hold open houses, usually held each spring semester. You can take a look at a department’s events calendar to find possible events.

Have fun with major exploration

Choosing a major does not have to be tedious or boring. You can have a little bit of fun before (and maybe even after) you declare a major. Here are some simple activities that you can do by yourself or …

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Choosing a major: Worksheet

Want more resources and advice? Check out our curated page for considering which majors might be right for you.

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5 things to do/not do when supporting your student in finding a major

The arrival of spring means that first year undergraduates are approaching their first opportunity to declare a major. As parents, supporters, mentors or advisors to these students, I want to share a few things to keep in mind as you …

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Erik Pavesic Assistant Director, Career Advising & Training
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How to explore majors

As the major declaration date approaches, many first-year students are nervous about making the decision. This resource by Yan Wu shares some of the great resources on the major exploration process:


Self-assessment is a great way to help you …

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