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Choosing a Major

When you’re truly interested in a subject, you do better work.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Major

The Truth About Majors and Careers

  • Choosing a major does not limit you to only one career choice.
  • Choosing a career does not limit you to only one major.
  • Graduate work does not have to be in the same area as your undergraduate degree.
  • It’s okay to change your mind!

Exploring careers? Start with the Career Exploration Series!

CAPD is coordinating the second annual, institute-wide Career Exploration Series that begins on September 12th and runs through IAP! This series is a collaboration between MIT departments, programs, employers, and alumni to help all students learn about the different career and graduate/professional school options available to you.   

Visit the events page …

By Tianna Ransom
Tianna Ransom Assistant Director, Career Exploration
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5 things to do/not do when supporting your student in finding a major

The arrival of spring means that first year undergraduates are approaching their first opportunity to declare a major. As parents, supporters, mentors or advisors to these students, I want to share a few things to keep in mind as you …

By Erik Pavesic
Erik Pavesic Assistant Director, Career Advising & Training
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Have fun with major exploration

Choosing a major does not have to be tedious or boring. You can have a little bit of fun before (and maybe even after) you declare a major. Here are some simple activities that you can do by yourself or …

By Erik Pavesic
Erik Pavesic Assistant Director, Career Advising & Training
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Major Exploration

As the major declaration date approaches, many first-year students are nervous about making the decision. This resource by Yan Wu shares some of the great resources on the major exploration process:


Self-assessment is a great way to help you …

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Choosing a Major Worksheet

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