Have fun with major exploration

Choosing a major does not have to be tedious or boring. You can have a little bit of fun before (and maybe even after) you declare a major. Here are some simple activities that you can do by yourself or with some friends. Remember to check out this list of resources to help in your exploration and don’t be shy about connecting with CAPD for additional help.

Want more resources and advice? Check out our curated page for considering which majors might be right for you.

Scavenger hunt

Using resources from the Alumni Office, including the directory and Alumni Advisors Hub, find alumni who meet the first criteria and then identify their undergraduate major of study. At the end of the scavenger hunt, reflect on the linearity (or non-linearity) between majors and career paths. You might begin to realize that there is quite a bit of variety out there when it comes to careers associated with different majors, and that is okay!

Major bingo

Instead of traditional BINGO cards, how about using some MAJOR cards to help you identify what different majors can offer to you? You can play with your friends or you can evaluate four (or more) majors against each other simultaneously. You can decide to use any bingo pattern you choose—but in the end remember that you might already know which major is the winning one for you.  

Get social

Sometimes it helps to get a sense of your future by immersing yourself into it. Afterall, when you are in a major you will be surrounding yourself more and more with faculty and students who are researching and studying that material. Adopted from the Bench Test by Neil Pasricha, I encourage you to seek out ways to connect with and listen to individuals who are in that major. Many departments host events, attend fairs, or offer classes that will give you a taste of a particular major. So don’t be shy, and get involved!

Decision list

Now that you have assembled a good amount of information about different majors you might need to evaluate them side-by-side. CAPD has put together this evaluation page, but you can modify or add columns to make it your own.

I hope this helps you have a little bit of fun as you explore this topic. If you think of other ways to creatively explore or select a major, I would love to hear about them! Email me at epavesic@mit.edu.