New Professional Development Certificates for PhDs and Postdocs

Applications are now open

We are excited to announce that applications are now open for two new professional development certificate programs for PhDs and postdocs for AY 2023-2024: the Research Mentoring Certificate and the Grant Writing Training Certificate. Applications for both certificate programs will close on Wednesday, November 1st. 

Research Mentoring Certificate for PhDs and Postdocs

This program provides an opportunity for PhDs and postdocs to develop their mentoring skills and grow their practice of productive and inclusive research mentoring.  Fundamental to the success of mentors and mentees alike, mentoring is also a transferable skill that is highly valued within multiple contexts. Each session will be led by facilitators trained by the Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER).

During this program, students will explore key concepts in mentoring pedagogy, including:

  • maintaining effective communication
  • aligning expectations
  • addressing equity and inclusion
  • assessing understanding

Over the course of the program, students will develop a mentoring philosophy that they can use in their mentoring experiences.

All PhDs and postdocs at MIT who are interested in research mentoring are encouraged to apply for the program, which will take place in person during IAP 2024.  

Applications open October 16th and close on November 1st. Spaces are limited. 

This certificate program is co-produced by CAPD and the Engineering Communication Labs.

Grant Writing Training Certificate for PhDs and Postdocs

Grant writing is an essential skill that grows in importance during the transitions from graduate student to postdoc and faculty member. PhD students and postdocs planning for research-focused or research-supporting roles in industry will have an advantage if they are familiar with the principles of grant writing and the grant submission process.  

The Grant Writing Training Certificate consists of 3 training sessions (and one additional session for those focusing on NIH grant proposals):

  • Overview session featuring faculty expertise on the grant-writing process
  • IAP 1-day intensive session facilitated by Dr. John Robertson, a noted expert in grant writing who facilitates trainings at institutions around the US and internationally. 
  • Spring semester session focusing on the grant submission process, including MIT’s internal processes, requirements for submission of federal grant applications, and information on creating budget proposals. 
  • Optional 4th session focusing on NIH proposals

Applications open October 16th and close on November 1st. Spaces are limited. 

This program is co-sponsored and produced by CAPD and the Office of the Vice President for Research.

By Amanda Cornwall
Amanda Cornwall Graduate Student Professional Development