Flagship Graduate Student Professional Development Programs

Graduate Student of Color Mentoring Circles

Recruitment is open for the Fall 2021 cohort. Contact Elsie Otero eotero@mit.edu if you’re interested.

About the program: The Graduate Student of Color mentoring circles is an initiative created by Career Advising and Professional Development (CAPD) and the Office of Graduate Education (OGE). The Mentoring Circles connect current graduate students with alumni who provide culturally relevant perspectives on pathways to academic and industry careers. 

The program was developed in response to the Black Graduate Student Association’s advocacy for tailored resources to help underrepresented graduate students compete successfully in academic and professional job markets.

Anticipated dates & time commitment: Anticipated program dates are October 13 through November 19, 2021, and the time commitment is 6 hours across 5 events.

Program format: Through this month-long program (mid-October through mid-November), students will virtually connect with graduate alumni and engage in weekly topical conversations focused on navigating work environments as people of color.

In this mentoring circle format, students will have access and receive input from mentors in various career paths and hear about their peers’ experiences.

The mentoring circles will take place in the evenings and meet online for three one-hour group sessions. After the group sessions, in the fourth week, students will have the opportunity to have 15 minute individual conversations with mentors.

Mentor information: Current mentors represent the Schools of Engineering, Science, and the Sloan School of Management. 

Questions? Contact Elsie Otero eotero@mit.edu

A flyer featuring event details for the keynote speaker event, "Mentoring perspectives." For full information on the event, please view the link above.
Flyer sharing the information on Mentoring Circles described above, featuring illustrated people.

The Path of Professorship

This workshop is designed for graduate and post-doctoral womxn, an umbrella term we use to mean cisgender and transgender women, non-binary people, and gender diverse people. This 3-day event gathers a wonderful group of womxn professors from MIT and a diverse range of colleges and universities about their experiences in academia. Learn more here.