Can Letting Go Help You Get Ahead?

By Kara Baskin, Slice of MIT

Executive coach, strategy leader, and author Jessica (Begen) Galica MBA ’16 is redefining workplace success for women. Her new book, Leap: Why It’s Time to Let Go to Get Ahead in Your Career, reframes hard-charging burnout culture: purpose and intention are more important than ambition at all costs. The book profiles women who’ve shed workplace norms to find greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

Galica has challenged the status quo about women and career since college. As an undergraduate American Studies major at Georgetown University, her thesis examined archetypal portrayals of working moms across media. At MIT Sloan, she pioneered the first research study to compare rates of students’ class participation by gender—proving her hypothesis that men were more likely than women to speak up in quantitative courses.

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By Ariel Ackermann
Ariel Ackermann