PhD Career Document Library

The PhD career document library is a growing resource that offers you the opportunity to review a variety of different career documents from MIT PhD alumni who have successfully secured positions in academia and industry. We are thrilled to offer these exceptional resources from our alumni, and we are grateful for their contributions.

These are real examples of documents that worked, and we hope they are helpful guides as you consider ways to craft your own documents. These examples have worked for others, and we hope they help you move forward in whatever direction you’ve chosen.

In the PhD Career Document Library, you’ll find 3 categories of documents: academic dossiers, resumes, and CV-to-resume transformations. Each set of documents represents a single application package and may include job descriptions and advice from the author alongside resumes, CVs, cover letters, and other statements.

Documents in the academic dossier category are grouped and labeled by field of study. Each group represents either a full academic application package or a subset of documents from an application package written by a single contributor. These examples demonstrate the way a faculty application package tells your story, highlighting elements of your academic experience within each document or statement.

Resumes are organized alphabetically by job industry. The second title relates to the field of study of the contributor. 

To learn more about building your PhD-level resume, check out our PhD Resumes for Industry Jobs course module. Take the whole course, or pick and choose what you need.

The CV to resume transformations show how several contributors represented their academic experience for positions or internships in industry.  You’ll notice formatting differences and strategic choices that ensure your readers can learn more about you with just a quick glance.

If you’re making a similar transition, seeing these documents side by side can help you make decisions about what to keep and what to cut. If you’d like a more step-by-step process, check out our PhD Resumes for Industry Jobs course module. 

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If you find these resources helpful, we hope you’ll consider donating your successful documents to our library to guide other students and postdocs as they consider their next move after MIT. Learn more about donating your documents below.