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In 2019, 77% of the U.S. population supported renewables over fossil fuels. So, why doesn’t renewable energy account for a majority of our electricity generation?

To explore this paradox, our research team at MIT has studied more than 50 American renewable energy projects that were paused, delayed, or canceled because of stiff opposition. We found certain patterns of conflict that arises when developers propose new renewable energy facilities. We’ve created an open access database describing a wide range of renewable energy siting conflicts. Our goal is to pinpoint the key sources of opposition in the hope of avoiding or mitigating future conflicts.

MIT Renewable Energy Clinic
Led by Professor Lawrence Susskind of the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, the Renewable Energy Clinic is the only public service center of its kind that connects university experts with industry stakeholders, regulators, and citizen advocates in an effort to resolve disputes over new renewable energy projects.