Degree: PhD in Biology
Experience: Lab Design Consultant, Lee CMI

How did the experience help you explore your career interests?

“Throughout this internship, I had the opportunity to connect with individuals within the life sciences sector and enhance my comprehension of its daily operations. Examining the construction and delving into its distinctions from conventional commercial real estate properties provided valuable insights into the intricate details involved. When you work in a lab, construction and renovations can often be tricky and disruptive, but it was amazing to see the considerations that go into this space and allow researchers to perform important work.”

Inside of an in-progress building, Breanna stands thoughtfully in front of a large blueprint. She's wearing a bright construction vest and a hard hat. Breanna poses, smiling wide, in her construction vest and hard hat in the center of a hallway, the building in-progress around her.

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Work Experience
  • Degree: PhD in Biology
  • Lab Design Consultant, Lee CMI
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