PhD Resumes for Industry Jobs

Welcome to CAPD’s Industry Resumes for PhDs online course module! 

Each section of this module is designed to take you about 15 minutes to review. That means that in approximately 1 hour, you will be prepared with templates and examples to craft or revise your own career documents. 

The tone of this course is intended to engage you, as a conversation partner, in the strategic and creative process of drafting your resume. Feel free to take the course all at once or in bits and pieces as it suits your schedule. You may also skip around if some sections are more pertinent to your needs than others. 

Course Objectives

By the end of this course module, you will be able to:

  • Identify the differences between a CV and resume and use strategies to decide when to use each document.
  • Format your resume effectively for non-faculty positions, focusing on your target audience.
  • Write compelling resume content focusing on accomplishments and expertise.
  • Tailor your resume to communicate skills and experience to a specific target audience of non-faculty employers in whatever field you choose to pursue.
  • Use formatting strategically to make sure your readers see what you want them to see.

This course is a great place to start if you have questions about formatting, writing, or tailoring your resume. It is not intended as a substitute for an appointment at CAPD, where you can address specific questions related to your unique circumstances. You are always welcome to make an appointment with a staff member at CAPD (opens in a new tab).

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This is a new course module, so we hope that you’ll help make it as useful as it can be with your generous feedback. Please email Alexis Boyer ( (opens in a new tab)) with any suggestions or questions you may have, and be sure to take the survey at the end of the module.