The Need for Self-Knowledge in a Changing World of Work

Recent years have seen a growing focus on making graduate education more inclusive, public-facing, connected to society — and on celebrating the career diversity of graduate students. Studies of Ph.D. career paths, such as the Survey of Earned Doctorates, the Ph.D. Career Pathways project and the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science, indicate that, for quite some time, the career paths of Ph.D. holders have been nonlinear and spanned diverse sectors — including academe, business, government and nonprofits.

Further, the COVID-19 pandemic led to frequent discussions on the future of work in general. Numerous podcasts and webinars have conjectured about the rapidly changing landscape of work, the rapidly changing knowledge economy and the need for higher ed institutions to evolve in order to meet the future.

Amid these systems-level thinking and discussions about identifying opportunities within inevitable change, where does the rubber meet the road for Ph.D. students, faculty members and administrators?

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