The Three Most Important Ways to Show Value to your Employers

By Interstride

Imagine your job application on the desk of a hiring manager.

Next to yours is another one, but this one belongs to a domestic student who is also nearing graduation. Your resumes look almost identical.

Who gets a job interview?

If you guessed the domestic student, you are correct. Unfortunately, many employers still see visa sponsorship and other responsibilities when hiring international students as a hurdle.

But, just because you start with a disadvantage, doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Plenty of international students have landed great first jobs because they were able to prove their value through some thoughtful self-promotion. They made the employers understand that they were worth hiring, no matter what.

Being successful requires you to think like that hiring manager. How can you stand out to him or her in a field full of domestic students? You need to maximize three key selling points:

  • Your industry knowledge
  • Your functional experience
  • Your professional experience
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