Fall Career Fair – First-Year Friendly (FYF) Initiative

The FYF initiative supports MIT first year undergraduate students as they transition into the world of career exploration and competitive job markets. By investing into relationships with undergraduates in their first year at MIT, companies can establish a robust connection with candidates and increase their likelihood of recruiting students in their subsequent years of study.

Employers registering for the Fall Career Fair will be asked to indicate how they would like to engage with first year undergraduate students at the fair and whether they have opportunities that first year undergraduate students are eligible for. Based on the employer’s response, the employer will be receive one of the following labels in Handshake for students to easily search for first-year friendly employers attending the Fall Career Fair.

1. First Year Friendly (FYF) is intended for companies interested in engaging in career conversations and exploration with students who are in their first-year at MIT (primarily class of 2026).

2. First Year Friendly Plus (FYF+) is for companies offering internships and related opportunities that first year students are eligible for, in addition to being open to having career exploration conversations with first year students.


Employers interested in speaking with and/or recruiting first-year undergraduate MIT students for opportunities, can indicate their interest when registering for the Fall Career Fair.

You can also inquire about obtaining the FYF and FYF+ designations for your organization by contacting cf-employers@mit.edu.


As part of our efforts to better serve first-year students engaged in career exploration, we will be providing additional information on FYF & FYF+ organizations attending the fair and programs tailored for first year undergraduate students later in summer.

Learn more about the fair on the Fall Career Fair homepage.