Fall Career Fair – Virtual

The 2024 Fall Career Fair will be Friday, September 20, 2024. Check back for updated information in May 2024.

Friday, October 13, 2023
1pm – 4pm EST
Virtual Platform: Handshake

Employer registration is now closed for this event.
Candidate registration opens in Handshake: August 16, 2023
Need a quiet space to participate? Learn more about reserving a room

Attending organizations

List of attending organizations  – sortable by industry and special labels outlined below

A full list of employers attending the virtual fair will be available in Handshake for candidates to view the employer profile and filter through employers attending by industry, special fair labels, and more. Please visit the virtual fair in Handshake to view employers by clicking on ‘show all employers’, and use the search and filter features to find employers of interest.  

Find employers that match your values and interests

The Fall Career Fair Committee and CAPD launched a new initiative this year to help candidates find employers at the fair that not only have internship and job opportunities, but that also match what is important to them. At the time of registration, each employer was asked a set of questions to help us determine their fit for MIT, recruiting practices, and commitment to diversity, sustainability, and more. The information collected was used to determine which employers are eligible for one or more of the following labels. 

Label Criteria for an organizations to be assigned a label
FYF = First Year Friendly For organizations who stated in the employer registration questions in Handshake that they are willing to talk to first-year UG students
FYF+ = First Year Friendly PlusFor those who offer internships that first-year UG students are eligible for or that solely target first-year UG students
SEE = Sustainability, Environment, EnergyFor employers who have one or more of the following:
– a sustainability initiatives website
– sustainability-related job openings
– a sustainability impact report (ESG or CSR) 
– one or more of the following credentials or memberships:
Ceres Network
FSC Forest Stewardship Council
RE100 – renewable energy initiative
Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI)
Paris Alignment Investment Initiative
PRI Principles of Responsible Investment
DE&I = Diversity, Equity, & InclusionFor employers that indicated they have tailored programs and/or staff roles that provide support for underrepresented minorities
EPE = Equal Pay EffortsFor employers who have one or more of the following approaches to pay equity:
Transparency in pay, i.e. list pay and salary ranges on job postings
Take negotiation out of the interview process, i.e. don’t require that candidate list their previous salaries on the application, share if the job offer is negotiable in advance
Run pay equity analysis on salaries, bonuses and equity awards across occupations
Train managers on how to create a culture of pay equity
– Embed equal pay efforts into broader enterprise-wide equity initiatives
LGBT+ = Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/ Questioning,
Intersex, and Asexual/ aromantic / agender
For employers that indicated they have tailored programs and/or employee resource groups for LGBTQIA employees

Scheduled chats

Register early to schedule chats with your top employers of interest well in advance of the fair date as slots fill up quickly. All chats during the virtual fair will be at scheduled times. Day-Of availability may be limited or unavailable for high-interest employers.  You will have the option to participate in 10 minute individual chats with employers or 30 minute group sessions. Candidates are highly encouraged to sign up for the individual sessions in advance to start getting helpful information from the employer.

View this help article to learn about signing up for & managing virtual fair sessions.

Group sessions

There are over 50 employers offering 30 minute group sessions. Be sure to sign up in advance in Handshake to secure your virtual seat at a group session. Learn more about group sessions and view the list of employers (TBA) offering these unique opportunities.

Resume book

Submission of resume is voluntary through the 2023 Virtual Fair Resume Book – TBA.  By registering this Resume Book event, the resume linked to your Handshake profile (please remember to set it “visible”) will be accessible to all employers who attend the virtual Fall Career Fair. Instructions on how to upload resume to your Handshake profile and change make it visible are available on Handshake.

Resources and support

Career Fair Sustainability Initiative

The MIT Career Fair is a significant event each fall where students are introduced to hundreds of companies/organizations across a multitude of sectors: biotech and healthcare, finance, consulting, information technology, robotics, energy and utilities, transportation, defense, government, social, manufacturing and more. Increasingly, MIT students are becoming aware of all sectors’ responsibilities in reducing global emissions and creating environmental solutions. Students want to know that the business that they will be working for is having a positive impact.

In a partnership between the CAPD, the Climate and Sustainability Consortium, the Sloan Sustainability Initiative and the Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI), the Career Fair Sustainability Initiative helps students recognize their potential employers’ commitments towards their environmental responsibilities, and the progress they are making toward meeting those commitments.

One key goal is to spark dialogue by preparing MIT students and their potential employers to engage in conversation about the company’s sustainability initiatives, and to bring to the forefront any job opportunities that are directly related to these efforts. Another goal is to provide historical data. There is no single, tidy metric that tells the full story for any given company, but we aim to provide information that will help students form their own opinions.

If you have any questions please reach out to the CAPD career fair team at cfairs@mit.edu.