Sustainability Initiative at the Fall Career Fair

The Sustainability Initiative at the MIT Fall Career Fair is a collaboration between Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) and Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI) at MIT. This initiative aims to give students the tools to engage potential employers in a conversation about their responsibilities to the planet and their actions to meet those responsibilities. At the time of registration, employers were asked a set of questions to help us determine which employers would earn the “SEE” label which stands for sustainability, environment, and energy.

We encourage students to sort through the Sustainability, Environment, and Energy employer list to see which organizations have been granted the “SEE” label. The additional information collected can be useful to you in exploring the organization and figuring out if it is a fit for your interests and values.

Career Fair Sustainability Initiative Site by ESI

The Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI) department at MIT has also organized a Career Fair Sustainability Initiative site with the following resources to encourage students to ask employers about their sustainability initiatives. ESI’s goal is to prep students to engage potential employers in a conversation about the companies’ sustainability related initiatives, practices, and employee opportunities.