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Interested in pursuing a career in healthcare and medicine? Below you will find resources, events, opportunities, and advice to help you explore & confirm your interest and kickstart your career.

Explore a Career Path in Healthcare and Medicine

Pursuing a career in health means you’ll make a lifetime of difference, whether you’re drawn to medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinarian science, public health, or another field. In this career community, you will find helpful information and resources to help you explore possible career fields of interest, prepare your next steps, and successful apply to medical or health profession schools.

CAPD’s Prehealth Advising team is here to support you as you explore your interest in health professions.

How do I determine if a career in Healthcare and Medicine is right for me?

There are a variety of ways to begin exploring careers in healthcare and medicine.  The first step is to determine if a career in healthcare is right for you?

If you realize you have an interest in helping others, having a direct impact on peoples lives, an interest in the human body, amongst many other factors, a career in healthcare and medicine might be right for you!  The next step is begin determining the type of career you want to pursue.

  • Do you prefer a career that involves direct patient care or engaging in medical research?
  • Do you have an interest in both direct patient care and research?
  • Or maybe you have preferred interest in the promotion of health overall through advocacy, education, and/or business.

As you consider the answer to these questions, it will be important for you to research the various career paths in healthcare and medicine, along with identifying which career paths and specific positions align with you and your values, interests, skills, preferences, and experiences thus far.

Researching Career Paths in Healthcare and Medicine

The following websites will be helpful as you research career paths and specific positions in healthcare and medicine.

Explore Career Paths in Healthcare and Medicine

The 3 websites below will assist you in exploring different careers in healthcare and medicine.

  • Explore Healthcare Careers – the Explore Healthcare Careers website provides easy access to updated, peer-reviewed career descriptions that inspire and motivate students to find health careers that suit them.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook  – to assist you in exploring career paths, you can use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to view statistics on salaries, working conditions, education required, etc. in the many careers/jobs in the U.S.
  • Career Paths in Academia & Education – if you are interested in a career in Academia & Education related to Healthcare/Medicine, CAPD’s website will provide you with valuable resources, events, opportunities and advice to help you confirm you interest and kickstart your career.

Becoming a Physician (MD, MD-PhD, DO)

  • MD – Doctor of Medicine

First-year students discover medical careers in Prehealth Advising-led SP.252

”I’m not sure what I want to do, but I know I want a career where I can directly improve people’s health.“

These sentiments are what Prehealth Advising’s first-year discovery subject Careers in Medicine (CiS) SP.252 helps students explore and, …

By Akunna Rosser
Akunna Rosser Senior Assistant Director, Prehealth Advising
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Medical Ethics and your Med/Health Professions School Application

When applying to health professions school, your ability to wrestle with complex ethical situations is an important predictor of how well you’ll be able to handle such situations as a practitioner.

Medical schools and other health professions schools assess this …

By Ariel Ackermann
Ariel Ackermann
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Seeing the whole person

Alumna, Margaret ‘Mo’ Okobi ’16, prepares for a career combining medicine and public health research to improve mental health care services in vulnerable communities. Read the full story by Leah Campbell for the School of Science.

By External Source
External Source
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Student Story: Valeria Robayo, 2023


Valeria is a current junior at MIT majoring in course 15-1 (Management) and double minoring in German and Biology. She was born in Bogotá, Columbia and grew up in Houston, Texas.

When asked why she chose MIT, she stated …

By Ashley Ann Thomas
Ashley Ann Thomas Social Media Marketing Manager
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Meghan Davis named 2022 Mitchell Scholar

Julia Mongo | Office of Distinguished Fellowships
Published by MIT News on November 24, 2020

MIT senior Meghan Davis has been named one of the 12 winners of the George J. Mitchell Scholarship’s Class of 2022. After graduating next spring with dual …

By Julia Mongo
Julia Mongo Staff Writer and Advisor
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The Guide to Shadowing a Physician includes a variety of tips and strategies to help you acquire a shadowing opportunity. …

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