Connect with Prehealth alumni

Are you interested in meeting with alumni to learn more about navigating MIT as a prehealth student, the medical school experience, and a career as a physician? Complete the form below to meet with a Prehealth Alumni Advisor. 

Prehealth Alumni Advisors are recent MIT graduates attending medical school and other health profession programs with an interest sharing their valuable advice and support to the Prehealth community.

To help Prehealth Advising pair you with the right match, please complete the form below.   


Once you complete the form below, you will receive the contact information for a Prehealth Alumni Advisor that best matches your request within 2 – 3 business days.  You are expected to contact your Alumni Advisor within 1 week of receiving their contact information.  Akunna Rosser will contact you within this week to confirm you have made the initial contact to your Alumni Advisor. You can meet with a Prehealth Alumni Advisor for up to 1 or 2 meetings in a semester or over the summer and IAP.  The availability of each Prehealth Alumni Advisor will also vary. 

If have any questions on meeting with a Prehealth Alumni Advisor, please contact