Kargo makes memorable advertising experiences by connecting art and technology

Kargo is a gold sponsor of the MIT virtual Fall Career Fair.

Kargo is more than just a global digital advertising exchange! The intersection of art and technology is what creates a memorable and engaging advertising experience, and this is at the core of our business. From our in-house ad-design team to our engineers, we take an end-to-end approach to unique and memorable advertising experiences that make an impact on everyone who sees our ads.

Our CEO and Founder, Harry Kargman, puts it this way: “Kargo uses creative science to combine unique advertising experiences with innovative AI-driven technology and measurement.” He believes that the creative side of the process, the art of the advertisement, is “the most important factor in campaign performance, and we believe harnessing that with technology represents the future of advertising.” This rings true with our customers, brands from Apple to Xbox, who trust us to represent them, and know that our experiences, ad formats, and technologies are identifiable and unique. Interactive experiences like the digital catalogs for Macy’s and Albertsons are just one way we can take data from large product catalogs and create interactive experiences, and we’re always developing new ways to make a splash on Snap, Instagram, and other social platforms.

We bring our powerful advertising experience to every kind of device: mobile phones, tablets, computers, and with our recent acquisition of VideoByte, Connected TVs (think Roku or Fire Stick). This is the latest acquisition of many that is keeping us ahead of the market in advertising technology, allowing us to create innovative CTV solutions, but the lasting success and quality of our products is driven by our first-class people in 25 countries around the world.

Collaboration across teams and continents is core to Kargo’s culture. Employees at our HQ in NYC might be on a call with our Ireland-based teams first thing in the morning or our Australia-based teams before wrapping up for the day. Teams form strong bonds and keep each other creative and cutting-edge. We’re excited to bring our entire global community together in one place to celebrate our 20th anniversary this December.

Here at Kargo, we believe that “next never ends.” There’s a team for every interest, and endless ways to contribute! If you like to stay curious and want to keep at pace with (and ahead of) an industry that changes every day, we’d love to talk.

By Alicia Chatten
Alicia Chatten