InterSystems: Empowering women, inspiring mentorship, and recognized as a leader for women technologists

InterSystems is a gold sponsor of the MIT Fall Career Fair.

InterSystems, a global technology leader, is dedicated to empowering women, fostering mentorship, and creating a thriving company culture. This commitment is exemplified at its annual Global Summit event, where they host annually the highly successful Women’s Meetup, which leaves attendees with valuable insights and learnings.

The Women’s Meetup at the Global Summit brings together industry leaders driven by a shared purpose: to excel in their fields, build connections, and engage in meaningful conversations. This event showcases InterSystems’ dedication to building connections, encouraging growth, and embracing collaboration.

The event kicks off with a vibrant networking session, providing attendees with an opportunity to forge connections and establish meaningful relationships. This sets the stage for a productive and inspiring panel discussion, expertly facilitated by Jenny Ames, Manager of Online Learning Content at InterSystems. The panelists engage in an insightful dialogue, emphasizing the significance of mentors who have influenced their career development and provided inspiration along their respective paths.

In addition to the Women’s Meetup, InterSystems has established the S.H.E. Employee Resource Group (ERG), dedicated to women’s empowerment. S.H.E. aims to make InterSystems a company known for its efforts towards equality and development, where all women feel proud to be part of and contribute their expertise. The ERG focuses on areas such as branding and recruitment, onboarding, retention, and development, leveraging the full potential of InterSystems women.

InterSystems’ commitment to empowering women and fostering a supportive culture has been recognized by AnitaB organization for two consecutive years, as a leader for Top Companies for Women Technologists, further highlighting its dedication to gender diversity and inclusivity.

With a vision to empower women and a strategy built on networking, hiring and retention, development, and organizational awareness, InterSystems is committed to creating a vibrant and supportive community where mentorship thrives, and women excel.

As InterSystems continues to host events and initiatives aligned with its DEI pillars, the company invites everyone to embrace the lessons learned, push boundaries, and nurture connections. Together, we can foster a culture where women are empowered, mentorship flourishes, and success knows no bounds. InterSystems is proud to lead the way in empowering women in the tech industry and is committed to creating a brighter future for all.

By Lydia Huth
Lydia Huth Communications Specialist