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Career Advising & Professional Development Service Recent Alumni
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(graduated more than 2 years ago)
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Career advising appointment see list of external providers
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Job Listings in Handshake
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Prehealth Advising
undergrad alumni only

undergrad alumni only
not available (unless you are also an MIT undergraduate alum)

Handshake for Alumni and Postdocs

Note: Handshake is targeted toward current MIT students and alumni who have graduated within the past two years. Alumni seeking jobs will best be served by using the MIT Alumni Job Board. Alumni can also use this job board to post their own current employer’s career opportunities for their fellow alumni for free.

How to Schedule a Postdoc Appointment in Handshake

To schedule an appointment with our Assistant Director for Postdoctoral Scholars, Bob Dolan, please visit Handshake or call 617-715-5329 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Postdoc Mailing List

The Office of the Vice President for Research manages an email list to send updates about postdoc issues, funding opportunities, social events, seminars, and workshops. An MIT email address is required to join the Postdoc Mailing List.

Other Career Resources for Alumni and Postdocs


MIT Alumni Association Career Programs

MIT Alumni Advisors Hub


Career Development Information for Postdocs (MIT Office of the Vice President for Research)

Career Tools for Postdocs (MIT Postdoctoral Association)

Phone/Video Interview Room*

If you are a student in need of space for a phone or video interview, we have a room available! Our interview space is private, has a digital phone, and is available Mon-Fri from 9:30am-4:30pm except on holidays and school closings.To reserve, please fill out our Interview Room Request Form (MIT students only).

*Employers, view information on how to reserve interview rooms.