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Overview blah blah Mentioned that there is a lot of overlap with the Social Impact, Policy, and Law and Energy Energy Environment and Sustainability career pathways. [hyperlink to relevant areas] Curious about careers at the intersection of urban planning and tech? If you develop spatial and data analysis skills you can create tools which foster the development of smart cities or enable community members to access critical information. Clearly link to DUSPS Career Page & Information Education

Ways to explore your interest in Planning

IAP Micro-internships for Architecture & Planning Students

Looking for a short-term project or internship over IAP? Consider a micro-internship! Build skills, connect with employers and explore a career path. Below are a few micro-internships for students studying architecture or urban planning.   

Micro-Intern: Architectural Intern (IAP & MIT …

By Tavi Sookhoo
Tavi Sookhoo Assistant Director, Career Prototypes Tavi Sookhoo
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