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Network & conduct informational interviews

Networking is the process of discovering and making use of connections between people. These network connections can be as informal as talking to your family and friends, or as formal as attending a career event with prospective employers. Networking is useful for gathering information about a certain industry, organization, career path, or skill. Networking is about building relationships with people who can provide information and advice, and may lead to future opportunities. One great networking resource is the MIT Alumni Advisor Hub, an online platform to connect with alumni for career conversations and informational interviews.

Regional Alumni Clubs: MIT Alumni Association

Regional Alumni Clubs are a great way to plug into your local MIT network anywhere around the globe. View the MIT Alumni Association’s map of Regional Alumni Clubs to get involved.

Alumni Groups

In addition, you can get involved in

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Interview Rooms Available for Student & Postdoc Use

Career Advising & Professional Development (E17-294) has private interview rooms which can be reserved if you need a space for a virtual employer interview. These rooms are available to current students and postdocs on weekdays from 10am – 4pm.

To reserve …

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Finding jobs in 2021: CAPD’s guide to the current state of recruiting

After the last eighteen months, it comes as no surprise that the recruiting landscape has seen a major shift to virtual recruiting  and an emphasis on improving company culture and inclusivity. However, there’s plenty about fall 2021’s recruiting cycle …

By Lydia Huth
Lydia Huth Communications Specialist
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47 LinkedIn Groups closely affiliated with the Blockchain Industry Group

The Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) is dedicated to the advancement and adoption of blockchain technologies through the development and promotion of blockchain standards, education, certifications and collaboration. We will accomplish our mission through a close collaboration with the diverse and …

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Lessons From the Aerospace Life: Networking is Important, Too

By Jordan Cox | Air & Space Magazine

The job: Lara works in the Boeing Research and Technology (BR&T) structures department at the company’s St. Louis facility, where he investigates materials and composites for building lighter and stronger aircraft. Lara has …

By Alexis Boyer
Alexis Boyer Alexis Boyer Assistant Director, Graduate Student Career Services
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Career Advising & Professional Development (E17-294) has private interview rooms which can be reserved if you need a space for …