Network & conduct informational interviews

Networking is the process of discovering and making use of connections between people. These network connections can be as informal as talking to your family and friends, or as formal as attending a career event with prospective employers. Networking is useful for gathering information about a certain industry, organization, career path, or skill. Networking is about building relationships with people who can provide information and advice, and may lead to future opportunities. One great networking resource is the MIT Alumni Advisor Hub, an online platform to connect with alumni for career conversations and informational interviews.

CAPD Videos

Whether you’re looking into programs, looking for networking tips, or just exploring, our video resources are always available to you. For additional resources, be sure to check out our full video library on YouTube.

Look Before You Leap

This one-hour …

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Career Handbook

Here it is: your starter guide for developing the knowledge and skills you’ll need throughout your career. Compiled by our expert staff, here’s what this handbook covers:

Overview of the career development process
Tips for identifying your skills, interests and …

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Networking at Your First Professional Conference

Jenny demoing her game with GDC attendees at the Children’s Creativity Museum

Surrounded by posters of newly released video games, indie game expo booths, …

By Erik Pavesic
Erik Pavesic Assistant Director, Career Advising & Training
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Develop Your Elevator Pitch

How do you convince an employer that they want to know more about you and consider you as a candidate for internships/jobs? Introduce yourself with a short elevator pitch that highlights your background, experience, accomplishments and interests.

Perfect your 30-60 …

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