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MIT Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) can help you explore new and exciting careers, refine your goals and objectives, work through difficult questions, and articulate your most valuable skills. Your master’s program will go by fast, so take advantage CAPD programming and learn how to productively engage in career planning, grow your own powerful networks, and communicate effectively with employers who need you on their teams.

BCG Launch: A virtual peak into BCG

Ready to take your first step toward the rewarding world of Management Consulting and become a BCG Associate?  

Want to consult with the fastest-growing, prestigious, global management consulting firm in the world? Kickstart your career now and register for BCG …

By Francis Borrego
Francis Borrego Senior Assistant Director, Employer Relations 
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Mentorship program for Students interested in IP Law

Are you exploring career opportunities?
Have you considered combining your interest in technology with the law?
We would love to introduce you to the possibility of being an Intellectual Property professional!

IP law combines learning about cutting edge technology, building …

By Tianna Ransom
Tianna Ransom Assistant Director, Career Exploration
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NIBC 2024 Global Investment Banking Competition

Form a team now to compete in the largest investment banking competition in the world, the NIBC Global Competition for 2023-2024.


Teams of 2-4 may sign up to access preparation resources, past cases and model templates online.

Registration Opening: …

By Kendel Jester
Kendel Jester Career Advisor
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LinkedIn releases the 2023 Veteran Opportunity report

The 2023 Veteran Opportunity Report, powered by LinkedIn data and insights,  highlights the challenges many American veterans face when entering the civilian workforce today — including low internship rates, undervalued military experience, and prevailing myths around retention.

Access the full report …

By External Source
External Source
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MITEC Student Seminar Series

The MIT Energy and Climate Club (MITEC) is excited to announce our speaker lineup for the Fall 2023 MITEC Student Seminar Series! We have a variety of speakers on topics ranging from climate policy to concrete structure optimization. Seminars will …

By Tara Thakurta
Tara Thakurta Graduate Community Fellow
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