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The Three Most Important Ways to Show Value to your Employers

By Interstride

Imagine your job application on the desk of a hiring manager.

Next to yours is another one, but this one belongs to a domestic student who is also nearing graduation. Your resumes look almost identical.

Who gets a …

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Questions to Ask an Interviewer

You are expected to have several questions to ask your interviewer(s) when they give you the opportunity, usually towards the end of the interview. Make sure your questions are respectful and reflect well upon you as a candidate. Below are …

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Interviewing Primer: For First Year Undergraduates

You have made it this far! From your effective job searching, through the resume and cover letter you wrote as part of your application, through the waiting and speculating on your chances, to finally the email or phone call inviting …

By Erik Pavesic
Erik Pavesic Assistant Director, Career Advising & Training
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Crush Your Coding Interview

Coding interview preparation workshop from Facebook.

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Toolkit: How to transition from academia to industry

At first glance, academic training can seem ill-suited to careers in industry. However, there are plenty of ways in which researchers can improve their lot.

Focus on skills

A healthy publication record may not impress many industry employers. Instead, they …

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Interviews for faculty positions often include two rounds:

First round – Phone or Video  (20-40 minutes)

This is an initial …

The purpose of behavioral interviewing is to objectively measure a potential employee’s past behaviors as a predictor of future results. …