How To Successfully Craft Your Own Career

The modern career landscape is complex and often non-linear. It can be tempting to try and find another escalator – a career you can just step onto which will take care of you in your journey onwards and upwards, the direction clear with few decisions to make. You can relax. The reality is that few linear options exist – yes you can stay in academia, but that’s a very crowded escalator and not everyone enjoys the ride. It takes courage to stop, pause and face the uncertainty, to be curious and work out what else is possible.

Thankfully many people face the same challenge and there are wise people along the way to help. In this presentation we will consider the resources you will need to meet that challenge together with practical tips for increasing your chances of successfully crafting your own career.

The guest speaker in this video, Liane Hambly, is an international expert in the career development field.