Job loss and layoffs

When faced with the prospect of losing a job, paths forward feel like they are few and far between. As a recent graduate—or alumni looking to MIT for assistance—our staff would like to do everything in our power to connect you with resources that can ease the hunt for a new job, transitioning to a different career, or connecting with folks to find a way forward that suits you.

Planning For the Future

Developing a career plan is obviously a good way to structure your thinking, and this can help when planning for (or in the face of) loss of employment. In addition to our internally crafted and curated resources, our colleagues with the Alumni Association offer a centralized hub to get connected with alumni who want to work with MIT students and community members.

CAPD resources are available to you as an alum of MIT up to two years after your graduation date, and we encourage you to make the most of them. Our advisors are happy to discuss everything from a resume review, to working through the transition period when faced with losing a role at a firm.

Seeking Insight

Trying to predict with pinpoint perfect accuracy how the job market will go in the next week, month or year is not an expeditious use of your time. Here are some resources our staff have found useful:

Focusing on the factors you can control provides structure to the uncertainty of losing a position. Trying to plan your next career move around the trajectory of economic markets can put you down the path of short-term planning. Taking the long view and considering what you want out of a potential role, or even from the next firm you work with, will prove more fruitful and provide some relief amidst the signal and noise.

Next Steps

Our advisors are here to provide you with guidance, and are happy to work at your speed. Even after our advising services are no longer available to you, we aim to provide you with resources as you dive into the challenge of finding a position after the worst comes to pass.

With the news of layoffs, and indicators of a recession remaining ever present in headlines, we want to remind you that as a recent graduate of MIT, we are resource for you to lean on in these trying times. If any of this resonates with you, please book a time with one of our advisors.  If you are an alum who is outside of the two-year window to access our services, we encourage you to get in touch with our colleagues in the MIT Alumni Association.