Research and Select Schools

Decide Where to Apply

Decide which medical or health profession schools make sense for you by looking at the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) book. You should spend time researching schools and identifying programs that are a good fit.

Start researching schools and programs as early as possible, but no later than the spring semester before you apply.

Think About:

  • Curriculum
  • Research opportunities
  • Location
  • Specialties or focus
  • Class size
  • Financial aid
  • Type of school (public vs. private)
  • Student experience

In your secondary applications, you will have to explain why you chose particular schools. Make sure you have good reasons and that the medical or health profession schools you have chosen are a good fit for you.

Find out more about individual schools from these websites and resources:

Financial Considerations

Medical school is a huge commitment of time and money. Think about the financial implications of applying. This may be a factor in school selection.

The AAMC has financial aid resources: